Privacy Policy

Our company Spaceage ("Spaceage", "we," "us," "our") values your privacy, so we are very transparent about how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your Information. This Privacy Policy outlines our information practices. All websites or online applications referencing or linking to this Privacy Policy (collectively, our "Services") are subject to the Policy.

Privacy Policy Effective

Our Services can be accessed from any device, including computers, mobile phones, tablets, TV, and other devices. The Privacy Policy applies to your usage/visit to our Website. You should read our Privacy Policy carefully because you consent to the practices described there whenever you use our Services. You should not use our Services if you do not agree with the practices described in the Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect the latest Information. Look at the "effective date" at the top of the Privacy Policy to find out when it was last updated. Check back often for updates to the Privacy Policy.

Information Collection and Usage

If you visit our Website, we may ask for your name, address, email address, phone number, personalization information, date of birth, and other Information. The Information you provide will allow Spaceage to provide better service and contact you when necessary.

Our Website uses the Information you provide to improve your experience, provide advice and purchase recommendations, and for other purposes that are consistent with this statement. Other times, we may ask you for and collect Personal Information, such as when you use the services of Spaceage; when you complete surveys on Spaceage's Website; or when you participate in a user forum or blog hosted by Spaceage or any of its business partners. As part of our efforts to better understand our customers, we may also match user information with third-party data.

In order to answer your questions, maintain effective communication, and provide efficient customer service, we will use the personal Information you provide on our Website. The Website uses certain identifying technologies to keep track of your preferences after you enter your personal Information into one of its forms or data fields, such as your favourite sections and user ID.

All applicable laws will be followed when collecting, storing, and using your Information. If you choose not to enter any personal information into forms or data fields on the Website, you can always limit the amount and type of Personal Information we receive about you. Please provide us with appropriate personal Information if you would like to use some of our online services. This Information may be used for marketing and promotional purposes if you allow us to do so. Our Website may ask you if you wish to opt-out or opt into our contact lists for offers, promotions, and additional services. Our use of your email address, in accordance with applicable law and with your consent, includes sending you news, newsletters, special offers, and promotions, as well as contacting you about products or Information. Please be aware that you may unsubscribe from our updates and newsletters anytime.

Spaceage also researches its user's demographics, interests, and behavior based on the Information they provide when they engage us for services or visit our Website. Our goal is to understand better and serve our users. The Information in this study has been compiled and analyzed in an aggregated manner to prevent any one individual from being identified. We may share aggregated data with our business partners/subsidiaries and not with other unauthorised parties.

We also collect the domain names and certain related Information of visitors to our websites through our web server logs. The Information is aggregated to measure the number of visitors to our Website, the average time spent on our Website, the number of pages viewed, and the usage of our Website. We use this Information to measure our sites' use, improve their content, and provide tailored advertisements. We do not use aggregated Information in a way that enables direct connection with our visitors' Personal Information.

Our Website will only provide Information for which the user/visitor has requested and sought assistance through our online portal unless and until the visitor signs through his email on our Website. The visitor can also request detailed and complete assistance by signing up.

As a final note, we also request your Personal Information when you express an interest in employment opportunities with Spaceage.

Use Of Cookies

You can identify your computer by cookies, which are small strings of Information transferred from a website you visit. Using cookies on our Website can help us track your activity on the site, understand your preferences, and improve your experience. Cookies can also be used to remember your username and password.

The software can also be used to manage cookies. You can turn them off if you do not wish to receive cookies. You can also set your computer to warn you whenever cookies are used. Your browser's settings (such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome) must be adjusted for both options.


The company and certain third parties may also use technologies called beacons (or "pixels") to send Information from your device to the server. You can embed beacons in your online content, videos, and emails to allow a server to read certain types of Information from your device, such as when you have viewed certain content or an email message, your device's IP address, and the time, date, and time at which you viewed the beacon. Our Services and certain third parties use beacons for various reasons, including to analyse your use of our Services and to deliver more relevant content and ads.

Modify, delete or opt-out

By unsubscribing, you will no longer receive emails or text messages from us. You may cancel your registration at any time. Please visit the subscription page if you wish to opt-out, delete, or modify your Personal Information. It is important that you promptly update your Personal Information if it changes.

Protecting Your Data

By implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures, we protect our Website and other systems against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, modification, or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons. We will maintain adequate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personally identifiable Information.

When transmitting personal Information over the Internet, please exercise caution. We use security measures on all our website pages that collect personal Information, but the confidentiality of that Information cannot be guaranteed over the Internet. We are committed to maintaining the privacy of our clients and will take every measure to prevent the leakage of their personal Information. Even though we have taken all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing and using personal Information, we cannot be held responsible for any loss. The purpose for which the Information was collected or submitted cannot be extended beyond the period for which it was intended to be kept.

Your Consent

Our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer are rendered binding upon you by your use of our Website. Please do not provide us with personal Information if you do not agree with our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer terms.

Online Policy

Some things inherent in the Internet operation are beyond our control, and we do not intend to apply the Privacy Policy contrary to law or government regulation. Online privacy policies only apply to Information collected through our Website, not offline.

Right To Information

We store your data, and you have the right to request Information about it and the right to request its rectification, blocking, and deletion. Please get in touch with us at : [Mention the contact details].

Links To Other Websites

Our Website is the only one covered by this Privacy Policy. You may find links to other websites on Spaceage which may interest you. We are not responsible for any content on such websites, your access to such links, the security of personal information you provide, or any information collected by those websites. You are solely responsible for the risk associated with accessing such websites.

Change In Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended without prior notice to reflect technological advancements, legal and regulatory changes, and good business practices. We will update our Privacy Policy if our privacy practices change, and the effective date of the revised Privacy Policy will be outlined in the new/amended version.